Adventure activities

10  minute walk from Achterbergh to adventure site

Bungee Jumping

50m of pure adrenaline rush! It is not for the faint hearted! Challenge the limits of the mind and test the edge of fear by leaping off the impressive bridge having your feet tied to a giant elastic band.

Bridge Swing

You are dressed with a combination of a sit and chest harness attached to ropes, which are attached to the opposite side of the bridge. Leaping of a 45m platform freefalling, almost immediately, feeling the tension on the ropes. The rest of the ride is smooth, you then start to pendulum backwards, and forwards a few times, after which you will be gently lowered to the ground.

120m Burma Bridge

The Burma Bridge is a hanging bridge, consisting of a 4-cable system, 120m across the King’s Kloof Valley and approximately 60m high above the ground. The Burma Bridge consists of a cable, which you walk on; connected to two cables, which are ‘hand rails’. Wearing a harness, which is connected to a cable above your head? Even the slightest breeze has you wobbling precariously over to one side. The famous words “don’t look down” are totally negated here, as you have to concentrate on placing your feet neatly on the bottom cable, while staring wide-eyed down at the potential plunge. Even though you know that, you cannot fall because you are strapped in and connected to the top cable.


Each year, thousands of warriors young and old take to the battlefields of South Africa to enjoy paintball. What is paintball, and how is it played? The game is simple. Eliminate the opposing side with small .68-inch caliber plastic-shells globs of paint travelling at high rates of speed when fired from your automatic paintball gun that will break upon impact.


It is the method climbers use to get off a mountain – or special service forces use to descend deserted buildings into enemy territory in adventure movies – but it’s fun, and so it’s become available as an adventure sport. Experience an adrenalin rush like never before – abseil down a 50m Bridge. This is called a Helicopter abseil, because there is no rock face. Our qualified instructors will explain the gear and technique to you, ensuring your safety and over you go for an experience of a lifetime.

Rock Climbing

This outing is for those wanting the challenge of conquering an authentic rock-face. Safe practice and climbing ethics are embraced as you are introduced to the required skills and techniques.

320m Foofy-Slide

Fly across the King’s Kloof Valley on a 320m steel cable, wearing a harness with two safety slings, which is connected to a cable above your head.

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