Inniebergh Dormitories consists of 4 rooms with 6 bunker beds in each. This site can accommodate 48 people, although the possibility to increase the number of beds exists.

The men’s and ladies’ sections are divided by a lobby, which may serve as lounge or meeting room, according to your needs. The ablution facilities on this site are modern and conveniently situated.

The hall at Inniebergh (IB 1) can accommodate 120 people cinema-style.  This hall has a warm feel to it and can also be used as a chapel or for special events and is included in the Inniebergh package.

This site has patios at the front and the back.  These patios are ideal spots for Bible study groups and social gatherings.  Inniebergh is positioned away from the main building and is ideal for adult groups too, and have their own boma.

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